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I'm having a hard time down the gym I go to the staff are sp

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I'm having a hard time down the gym I go to the staff are spreading nasty rumours about me because I've been off for a while and come back and the face scars and I see them talking about me to the clients laughing about me saying I'm a psycho and mocking my face saying I'm ugly no one will speak to me when I come in the building. My life's hard enough without people constantly picking on me for what I look like.

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May 15

@Zach94 are one great guy....these stupid people around us do not know what we go though or care about our feelings...I did not want to pry or bother you, but was hoping you would check in soon. I hope the depression eases soon..I too am having some issues with feeling down and anxious. Stay strong.....

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May 16

@Zach94 you look great to me!

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May 16

@Zach94 We all care here.


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