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Why do narcissists marry? Especially the ones that are patho

Why do narcissists marry? Especially the ones that are pathological liars and cheaters. Why not just stay single and sleep with whoever you want? Do you think that maybe they do feel love and treat others differently? I know there are lots of you one here who were or are married to narcs. Do you think they are genuinely trying to love you and care about you or is it all an act? I'm just so baffled as to why bother when you have no feelings.

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kelly72's picture
Aug 21

@MovedOn Why did anyone want to marry Ted Bundy? Even when he was in jail and about to fried! There were women swooning over him like he was some kind of god. It's truly sick what they do to people. It's HONESTLY straight from the devil....not kidding! Ever see those movies where the awesome charming man seems so sweet then you see the other side and there's an evil twinkle in the eye? Yep. There's a lot of scary people like that.

mmadwaite's picture
Aug 21

@MovedOn Like I said. This was my stbx's 8th marriage. One of them married him twice. I think the very bad abuse doesn't happen until after marriage. You really don't see the real person until after you marry and live with them. Also, if the courtship is short prior to marriage, there hasn't been enough time to see the real him.

Aug 22

@mmadwaite I saw abuse right away! And I dated him for 19 months and went back 18 times (we broke up once per month) until he discarded me the final, 19th time becuz he met the new supply.

Shes been with him for years and has posted online about his severe lack of love but yet shes planning their wedding thats in a few months.

Makes no sense to me. Makes no sense why I kept going back. I guess its the make up process thats so enticing and promising.


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