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Recently my younger sister got herself into a lot of trouble

Recently my younger sister got herself into a lot of trouble - she snuck out to drink (she's underage) and went to a really shady club and doesn't remember what happened, in the morning her friend was passed out in front of our house and another friend was in the hospital after being beaten up and robbed. My parents aren't mad in the slightest and claim that she's a good girl who got manipulated into going out, even though she sneaks out to drink on a regular basis (they just haven't found out about all of that). She's not in any trouble at all, and my mum is letting her go to her friend's place for a sleepover and she's still going to parties, etc. When I try to tell her to behave a little more appropriately, she calls me a b*tch and my parents say I'm provoking her.
But when I got caught smoking weed at her age, my parents sent me to rehab for 12 months where I was abused (and they said the abuse was all in my head and I'm just being manipulative by bringing it up). It's been nearly 3 years since and I still can't even spend time in my room except for when I am sleeping. But when my sister almost dies because of her irresponsibility, she faces no consequences. How is this fair?

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Nov 10, 2017

@meloncollie Sounds like a small bit of sibling rivalry and perhaps even some parental favoritism. Also, remember that they don't know (or pretend that they don't know) that this is not the first time she has done this. Perhaps she played her cards better and appears to be more of a "good kid".

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Dec 7, 2017

**~~deleted for privacy~~*

Nov 15, 2017

I’m sorry about your situation, Dear Meloncollie. I understand your frustration. It is not fair that you experienced with your younger sister was not giving disciplinary action by your parents. Have your ever thought of finding a new way to reach out to your sister about the consequences of her actions to learn how to make a responsible decisions and to gain her trust not just a sister but as mentor friend? Older sister always is a example for the younger. I am sure if you are patience and you treat her with other attitude (with love, kindness, respect, mercy etc.) your sister will realize that you want to help her. I think that you can be a good influence to her. I have a sister also and we had some issues when we were younger. My dad used to prefer me and that cause rivalry between us. But one day I decided to open my heart to her and offered friendship. I started to helper in some things that she had to overcome. Now I can say that I am fortunate because she and I are good friends. Maybe that could happen to you also. Please do not feel discourage. Even in all this confusion you can take out good things. I do not know if you whether believe in God but I will keep you in my prayers my friend.

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