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I was in a relationship and then got pregnant( didnt think i

I was in a relationship and then got pregnant( didnt think i could so a bug surprise) any we spilt up and we had a little boy. Since having the baby i have had nothing but negativity from my ex. He has called social services the poilce tried getting me the sack hes called benefits fraud dept now hes trying higher with my works. I think he shows a lot of narcissistic behaviours and i so worry about mine and my boys safety. I was just wondering does this ever stop or end :(

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Dec 2

leave him for a while and see how you feel

Dec 3

@Bloodstone2020 its so difficult i have asked for a psychological report done on him but it will cost £5000 soldier and barrister fees have already cost me £9000 im before the judge on Monday next week for an out come of visitation

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Dec 3

Looks like restraining order is the first step.


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