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I feel stuck at moment... I feel like I don’t know if my e

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I feel stuck at moment... I feel like I don’t know if my ex has been stalking me, if he has I’m not sure if he’ll stop, I don’t get what he wants if he is but probably to ruin my life At worst to harm me... I’m not sure if he will ever leave me alone if I like don’t change my name or something? I don’t want him to still affect my life but it’s mainly just a feeling of being watched and why is someone watching me or something... I realized for couple months I think I’ve been too depressed to do anything much w my life up and down. I don’t like this feeling of people like my ex out there and how many of those type of people are out there. It’s making me withdrawn like I don’t want to meet people. I’m feeling stuck I think part out of fear, part of it being depressed... I’m tired of jotting down every single detail of strange things that have been happening in my life and at my house. The stuff happening in world also bringing me really down. Has anyone else experienced possible stalking? How did you find out? How did you get through it?

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Jun 3

@ToughCookie99 I posted this one awhile ago. But I have a blessed beautiful smile. I had a mouth full of braces when I was young. My mother, God Bless her, worked hard to pay that off. When my braces came off I also have white teeth,
In school both grade school and high school I got awards for that. When I first met my narc I had one crooked tooth on the bottom. He would harp on that one tooth telling me I should get it fixed. He also mentioned getting my teeth whitened. I said I have white teeth why would I need to do that? I did end up getting an invisilign for the bottom tooth. But what really cracks me up about this is his own teeth were crooked. Not near perfect by a long shot. He only ever focused on the bad. Weird is right!

Jun 15

I have experienced this before. My ex hired a private investigator to follow me, but I could tell someone was following me. My neighbors told me someone was outside my house taking pictures of it. I called the police, and they couldn't give me all the details but he scared them enough for them to back off. I had to go to court about it, but it scared me to death. I had to write things down constantly too. It is a burden but it won't last forever. Please stay strong and if you need someone to talk to a personal counselor is the way to go!


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