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I feel like you get to a point where a narcs behavior is act

I feel like you get to a point where a narcs behavior is actually comical. Does anyone else feel this way?

Married a week and apparently their honeymoon period is over because he’s already back to trying to make me look crazy even though I’ve literally done nothing nor spoken to him.

His newest attempt is telling everyone I’m bipolar. I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so hard.

I’ve had to cut a few people off now because they keep telling me what he’s saying and it’s not helpful. I’m feeling good about it though, and just goes to show this sham marriage hasn’t changed him like I thought it may have.
They will never change or learn. Poor soulless creatures.

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Oct 11

@PetiteBrunette I’ve been there haha. Didn’t work.
Now he’s married and still going.
What a honeymoon period post wedding (Facepalm)

Oct 12

No matter who he is with, he'll still be who he is. Find peace in that...you got away! I used to think that I'd try because I didn't want my husband to be with another woman and treat her the way I've been wanting...but the truth is it doesn't matter. Even if he did...I wasn't the woman that was going to make him treat me the way I wanted, so I let him go. He's a comical dude in the way he thinks...I feel sorry for him, most of all I feel sorry for my children who have to stay attached to him.

ShaeShae's picture
Oct 12

Yes! They are jokers clowns and fools.


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