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Can someone talk me off the ledge please? I'm on the verge o

Can someone talk me off the ledge please? I'm on the verge of contacting the fiance again to give her the full story of how he's been cheating on her for 5 years with myself and multiple other women and none of us knew about each other. I know in my rational mind that this is a bad idea and that the repercussions wont be worth it, plus she probably wont listen. My emotions though are all over the place. I feel like i'm going crazy with these extreme highs of feeling free and empowered and then the lows of feeling so angry and so stupid for believing him over and over when I was right about all my suspicions. Its his engagement party this weekend and I just want to ruin his life. Ugh, I hate what this has turned me into.

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Apr 18

Let it go, I am curious on why you are still sleeping with your ex narc after all he did to you? Throw him to the curb.

Apr 18

@johnyun20 I'm not at all! This was all from when we were together. As soon as I found out he was cheating I left.

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Apr 18

@freshwounds She will not forget what you told her. You planted the seed. Now it is up to her to acknowledge it.


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