I’m feeling like it’s pretty much impossible to protect

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I’m feeling like it’s pretty much impossible to protect from my ex or any other hacker from stealing my info. for personal or financial gain. Has anyone had an ex not contact you at all or talk to you but then leave clues like they have been in your car or house? I’m kind of wondering if he would do this again n because my ex hacked my old account n probably my phone... I am not confident in technology at all to protect me. I feel like certain things should never be available to public. Has anyone experienced similar things? I feel like this is hindering me from just living normal life as I am almost every week m worrying about what my ex may do to me, or what he’s planning. As much as I try not let it scare me or affect me, it does. It’s draining n frustrating. It’s very hard to figure out what to do.

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Apr 17

My bully never quit but I did become better in my response. I would hope that not all companies support abuse. It really seems to depend on management. I have had a few very good managers. Management does not realize that bully culture kills morale and drives good workers away.

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Apr 20

@andine I have antisocial personality disorder and I am very easily reasoned with. As far as what you are saying that people should avoid a psychopath, there is truth to that and it will depend on the type of psychopath that you are dealing with, what you are saying here is more common in a malignant narcissist than a psychopath. Its different forms of aggression because of the paranoid personality disorder that makes for a person to have a sense of entitlement and some can have delusional beliefs that they are backing up their behaviors with this and they can be difficult to reason with. Its all in the alexithymia that we have in common and how patient the person is.

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Apr 22

@lostempath this is interesting... I don’t know that much about the different types of diagnosis in cluster b. I just try to simplify things for myself like just look for signs of cruel person n then stay away or block out completely if I have to. I suspected my ex was malignant narcissist. Hes concerned with his reputation so that’s why my therapist told me not likely he’s psychopath. He never seriously sought out treatment as he believes hes perfect n nothing wrong. Therefore I can only speculate what he was. I remember though really trying hard in past to figure out what he was but then I realized what does it matter that much? He’s just a terrible person so leave him to god to deal with. I do like learning about psychology also like you do though. Hope you’ve been well


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