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I told the narcissist to stop opening my door when I'm in be

I told the narcissist to stop opening my door when I'm in bed and then I left before she could say anything. I can hear her banging things in the kitchen which probably means I won because she acts out when she doesn't feel in control. If she doesn't stop ruining my bedtime I will threaten her with a restraining order and I think i might go through with it if I have to. My older sister is a middle aged spoiled child with no human decency. She is so insufficient as a person that she has to wake me up at all hours to talk about trivial things like an email from someone she doesn't like or to tell me to do things that could wait until morning to say. If I'm not there, she calls my cell phone to have swearing rants because she is emotionaly incapable of handling any situation where is is not treated like a bleeping princess. I really think more and more that she is actually crazy besides being completely selfish. I am winning most of the fights now though. She can no longer count on unconditional acceptance from me which has curbed the worst of her behaviors. I just still get mad when I have to deal with unreasonable crap like being disturbed in bed 3+ times a week by a social imbecile.

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Jun 14

It sounds like you've asked her not to interrupt your sleep, and I know from experience that trying to communicate with a narc is like talking to a brick wall, so more talk may not help. Would a lock be out of the question? Would she just bang on the door thus waking you up anyway?
I'm at a loss for good advice in this situation other than to tell you it may be time to move. Can you move to your own place?
I'm so sorry for what you're going through and I sincerely hope it gets better, one way or the other, soon.

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Jun 14

If you're winning fights, still being ranted to and being awakened then she has too much of your attention. What does she do when you totally ignore her as if she didn't exist? If she's now showing you the worst of her behaviors then it Sounds like she's getting a supply high off of your reactions and she's trying to up her game. Try starving her but if you've done that and You believe she may also be "crazy" besides selfish then you have reasons for believing so...after all, you KNOW her... and believing that you may need a RO. If that's so, don't make the RO a last resort. Too much can happen within that time. It usually takes a higher intimidation to get their attention because they're so absorbed in using their victims they don't see any potential threat or consequence of their behaviors. It's all supply. Sometimes, the actual trouble the RO causes ends up being enough motivation for them to find new victims. They're just like little tell them NOT to do something and they keep doing it because they have no fear of you. I can remember my exNarcDevil getting worse every time I would assert myself or threaten his control. He was like a childish bully that just kept poking and laughing because he didn't think I'd do anything about it. The laugh was on him when he was forced to leave and have a dvo on his record. They have to be shown. How much more will you take?

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Jun 14

Yeah, I was thinking of taking a doorknob from another door in the house to get a lock on my door. She used to bang on my wall and yell but it stopped after I insulted her enough for it. It used to be much worse. I just give her the cold shoulder and treat her with disdain for a long time after she misbehaves. Also she is paranoid about running out of money and the family business can't run without me so I recently started refusing tongo to work of I'm too tired.


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