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Feeling so lonely lately. My family has turned their back on

Feeling so lonely lately. My family has turned their back on me, after giving everything I've got for a family business. Got a lot of selfrespect and selfconfidence issues because of that. Now am living in a foreign country, with no friends, and falling into despair.

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Dec 4

@Oggy727 Thanks Oggy! good luck to you too in this adventure. We will be better and will laugh of all this!

Marlene1105's picture
Dec 4

I am sorry you are going through this! Please know you have people here that care and are here for you! God Bless!

Dec 5

There are many of us living as expats and the challenges can be overwhelming at times. Feeling lonely and isolated is common, and sometimes being in a small pond doesn't give you opportunities to meet like minded people. Another problem I've had is developing strong relationships with other expats who end up leaving after a few years. For me personally, I try to remain grounded and keep busy. Be assured others understand your situation and we support you.


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