I have been sexually abused by my uncle when I was a child

I was been sexually abused by my uncle when I was a child
I can't tell anyone about it espicially my family because I think they won't support a fact like this . I was always asking myself why me and I never found the answer . I need to talk about it to someone who can understand me without feeling ashamed or blamed

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Jan 27

@Chahi25, don't listen to the lies that tell you that God doesn't hear you, HE DOES!! Cry out to Him, He's the lover of your soul. He created YOU! In fact, He knew you, formed and fashioned you before you were even in your mother's womb. He loves you so so much. When you cry out to Him earnestly seeking to know Him and begin to love Him back, He answers those prayers. They may not be the way our human minds think He will answer, it may not be in an audible voice, but in a sunrise, a sunset, seeing a flower bloom, a smell that takes us back to innocent days as a child. The fact that He gives us each breath and moment to live and make the only choice in life that matters... where we will spend eternity. He wants us to be with Him because He loves us so much that He willingly gave His only Son to come to earth to die a cruel death as payment for the sin we were born into. He knew we couldn't save ourselves and lovingly gave us His perfect Son to sacrifice to pay for our sin to make our standing right with Him again. All we have to do is accept it as a gift of grace. We can't work for it. We can't do good deeds for it, it's a free gift when we humbly come before Him to receive His grace and forgiveness from the sinfulness of our past. He replaces our sin for peace, our shame for love and our regret for joy for the future. You CAN be healed and whole and know that God loves you SO SO much.

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Feb 3

Today I saw my uncle . It is the first time I feel the right feelings infront of him . I hated him . I looked at him in an angry way for the first time . I tried to ask him why did he do that to me . Why did he ruin my life . I just coudn't . I felt so powerless . So weak . So vulnerable . He stills more strong then me ? He has always that power over me ? I just can't stop crying . It is so hard to hear his voice talking to me like anything did happend . To see the look at his face . I knew he is an abuser but I just coudn't tell the truth or confont him like I wanted to do and decided to do last days . I feel so sad . So lonely . So powerless . Oh god please help me

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Feb 3

Pick up you Bible and turn to Psalm 73
.... but as for me my feet were almost gone; my steps had well near slipped
cause I was envious at the foolish when I saw the prosperity of the wicked ....
.... until I went to the sanctuary of God then I understood their hereafter

You have got to read this. The Psalm is titled "Perspective of Eternity"
I could give you empathy, advice, hugs and loves .... but what you need is to know that the One ho authored you has written the story of your life and he doesn't get away with this. And do you know if you turn to Him in your anguish of soul He will answer you and put His salve of comfort on your wounds like no one else can.


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