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Here's what is perplexing me tonight lol: For over a decade,

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Here's what is perplexing me tonight lol: For over a decade, there were people in our lives who he didn't want to deal with for a variety of reasons. Now that we're not together, they are now his friends and at the house constantly. These people have done us both dirty via stealing and other things like that. It's as if he's forgotten everything we endured and is acting like I kept them away when he was the one saying he hated them.

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Jun 12

@Cheatos I think it's all normal how you're feeling....I look at men the same also. I gave everything had to my husband and my marriage and he completely crushed it after 18 years! I'm done.

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Jun 12

I’ve noticed since going back to the gym and gaining weight, it does reverse the signs of aging from all this. Oh y’a, and eat your greens everyone!

Jun 12

@Cheatos That is all you can do, vengeance belongs to God and I had a hard time with that for a while because I told God I wasn't waiting but his timing is always better. Forget about her and live your life.


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