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I've always felt disgusting and ugly I hate to see myself an

I've always felt disgusting and ugly I hate to see myself and I have this sense of being dirty and ashamed of myself because of what happened, I've never managed to get over it it all started from the moment I was born and was abused by two different women, I've never managed to have a relationship or get close to anyone yet because it's two upsetting and I feel disgusting and ugly why would anyone like me

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Jan 11

I feel the same and I was sexually abused. I know I'll never be able to connect to another human being, except their out there doing whatever and having fun. The thoughts make me sick sometime. Honestly I wish he was dead, I know you should not wish that but he destroyed something previous I cannot get back or restore again.

Jan 14

I am so sorry about your pain and suffering I can't imagine being molested by a family member. I'm 62 and was date raped, I always blamed myself for having too much to drink, but I gave in because the guy was so much bigger and stronger. My only daughter was murdered 18 years ago, there have been times, I have felt so alone, ugly etc. Before we love anyone else, we must love ourselves, and that's my goal, to accept me for me, and everybody else can kiss my grits. :)

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Jan 14

@gway I'm so sorry for your loss I can't imagine what that would do to you


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