I've always felt disgusting and ugly I hate to see myself an

I've always felt disgusting and ugly I hate to see myself and I have this sense of being dirty and ashamed of myself because of what happened, I've never managed to get over it it all started from the moment I was born and was abused by two different women, I've never managed to have a relationship or get close to anyone yet because it's two upsetting and I feel disgusting and ugly why would anyone like me

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Dec 10

Forgiveness does not benefit the abuser, but the abused.

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Dec 11

It's way too early in anyone's healing here in this thread to start talking about forgiveness, I agree on that! I know it's for the 'forgiver', but too, too early. Please don't do it anymore; when people do it, I tend to think they are an abuser, because who else would even think about anything but how very terribly these posters in here have been hurt since tiny babyhood in some cases? I hope that is not the case with the person who posted about it, but if it gets pushed again, I will flag it as inappropriate.
I am so sorry these terrible crimes were committed against you, each of you, and thank goodness you survived and are here today. If you were a soldier, you'd have earned a Purple Heart and maybe more. You are heroes. Not throwaways, not useless: YOU ARE HEROES, you saved the child that you were back then: you got that child through alive. Soon hopefully, you will be able to enlist the help of a professional therapist to pull the roots up on all of that pain and confusion, and get rid of it all.
Thank you for sharing, I salute you and will talk more with you here. It's super late and I have to shut my eyes, but I am listening to you. I hear you. I know these things are true, and you are good, beautiful, lovable people.
Love, Mosaic

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Dec 11

@thunderofsilence I agree and feel exactly the same way


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