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I don’t know where to begin.... I’m a single mom trappe

I don’t know where to begin....
I’m a single mom trapped at my abusive fathers house. He’s a narcissist and he loves to emotionally verbally and mentally abuse me. I’m his target along with his on again off again gf
She is way way gone and let’s him treat her however he wants and it’s sad.
I on the other hand know it’s wrong. Sometimes it’s gotten so bad I’ve really wanted to go to a domestic violence shelter but I’m scared. No one in my family believes me in how bad it is. My only brother makes excuses for him. My own mother won’t help me let me live with her. I’m trapped here and it’s getting worse and worse. He’s trying so hard to isolate me and things get more volatile the more I resist. Why don’t I just run off? My kid. He has all the money and I don’t have any. I’m stuck. I don’t know what to do. I just want out so badly. I’m in so much pain from this situation. I’m sorry I don’t have anyone to talk to and if posting anonymously on a forum helps then so be it. I’m scared and alone and I just want out. For my daughters sake and my own sanity. I can’t last here much longer. I don’t want to cry myself to sleep anymore.
Thanks.... hopefully someone can help.
Not to be rude but “hang in there’s” just don’t cut it anymore. I just want advice on what to do to get out of this. I’m out of time options and quite frankly any will power to keep fighting. I need something. Anything.

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Jan 15

@Foundlove he hasn’t... might sound sick or messed up to say but I almost wish he would cause then family members might actually believe me

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Jan 15

@blondie96 it’s not sick I understand... before abuse became physical I didn’t realize that it was abuse. It sucks that It has to become physical to feel that it would qualify to report, that I don’t really know honestly if you could report if it’s just mental... perhaps domestic violence hotline has better idea... it’s weird. I feel like In my situation I was blessed for being attacked physically so harshly. I wasn’t even going to report it. My friend told me either I report it or she would so I did. I didn’t think things would happen as they did. I know it’s rough and painful... some local churches might be able to help also!

Jan 26

@Blondie96 I am so sorry to read all that you are going thru, and it is my prayer that you will soon find a way out and away from the abuse. I highly recommend calling 855-382-5433, they offer counseling and can offer excellent guidance as you navigate these hardships. I pray God will guide you to the help you need and that you will soon be free and on the path to healing. Blessings!!


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