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I am having insomnia tonight. It's been a few months since t

I am having insomnia tonight. It's been a few months since this happened. I've felt restless all day full of anxiety again. I've had some really good days recently, today I had to use the grounding techniques and meditation. I tried to go for a walk between thunderstorms but it was no good. My in real life support system is amazing but I've been trying to pull back from being a burden to them. I tried to listen to several guided meditation sleep videos on YouTube but that isnt working. I know it's not healthy to wonder what the ex is doing at that moment. The articles and wise people say to focus on yourself but today I had stray thoughts. I felt like I was making progress but now I feel like I took ten steps back.

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Jun 12

Of course! I’m really sorry things are so sucky and people do mean things. It’s really really lame :/

Jun 13

Ashley. It rained where I am yesterday too, and I missed my walk so much. Getting into my body when I'm in my mind too much is something I've been trying to do more of. I think it's totally normal to wonder about the person who you've spent so much mental energy on. Don't blame yourself for where you are. It will get better with time.

Jun 14

It’s a process and overtime it gets better. Believe me, we’ve all been there.


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