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Does anyone else experience a backlash or what I kinda think

Does anyone else experience a backlash or what I kinda think of it as backdraft effect. In the movie when a firefighter opens a door and introduces oxygen the fire explodes out. I feel like if I do or start to move forward theres a backdraft reaction. I researched and bought a stock in my small retirement account. It's not much and I took an accounting class in college. So I was happy to use anything from my degree. But within a few days I felt stupid and ridiculous for making such a risky decision and I could almost hear him telling me how bad with money I am. I researched Cbd oil for anxiety and concluded it it needed more scientific studies, is expensive, and might actually be useful to keep an eye on. It's legal in the United states. I can hear him telling me how pathetic I am for looking using drugs like he said about antidepressants being for weak people when I was prescribed them years ago. I stopped taking them because of that. When I try to create a resume or apply for a higher paid job I immediately meltdown. I think about all the rejections I had whenever I tried to leave this field. I think about how I'm lucky to have a job because I'm useless. Anyways I just want to know if you have these backdrafts everytime you take a step forward and how you cope with them?

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Jun 12

I read your post tying in to this one so as to get understand what's been going on- that is a lot to have endured, and I am truly sorry this happened.
There is no shame in seeking professional medical help for depression/anxiety issues. Jesus Christ, the wisest man to ever walk on earth, said that a physician is needed by those who suffer an illness (Luke 5:31). Those words of wisdom certainly trump any thoughts of to the contrary.
As for the original situation, there is help that is also provided in God's Word, the Bible. I'd like to share this Bible-based link, and also hope it can provide you a measure of comfort. You're also welcome to share your thoughts.

Jun 14

I honestly believe we all get backdrafts to different degrees, especially after abuse because the abuser tears you down. Think of all you have accomplished and use that as reminders of how worthy you are or when it comes to meditation or healthy remedies, it’s self care. You’re actually taking good care of yourself. You’re doing great and what you feel is completely, completely normal.


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