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My first time doing something like this, how could I let mys

My first time doing something like this, how could I let myself get so lost.How could one person make you feel so worthless. I'm trying to get out of a toxic relationship. I've been mentally physically and emotionally abused. He isolated me from my family and friends, which now I don't blame them for not being there for me when I went mia cause I thought it was true love. he convinced me that social media and friends ruins relationships and from being a victim of childhood abuse, he has convinced me no one can't be trusted. So now that I'm trying to leave him because I'm tired of being his punching bag and stabbed emotionally with his hateful words. I'm feel even more isolated and alone, I need strength and guidance. please if anyone is listening or reading this, sometimes just one person saying "Everything will be fine" means a lot then silence.. Sometimes being alone is the loudest for me..

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Dec 22

You are not alone and everything is going to be OK. You realise that his treatment of you is not acceptable and that you need to move on. Now is the time to be smart, reach out to family or friends for support, tell them what has been happening and get yourself in a sound financial and mental position to leave. Make an exit plan, there are guides at the national domestic violence hotline website they also have online chat if you need support. I wish you well, you have the strength to do this.

Dec 22

We are in almost the identical boat
We are in almost the identical boat
I'm here trying to find strength myself
You are not alone

Dec 22

I was too alienated from my son.... and then he was working on my daughter. It didn't happen. I put a stop and kicked him out. It is hard cause it has only been a couple of weeks but I have a sense of peace within and in my home. You have the power and strength. Get your family back.


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