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PTSD Even tho sum1 leaves and separates themselves from ab

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Even tho sum1 leaves and separates themselves from abusive ppl... doesn't mean things automatically go back 2 normal. PTSD is a very real thing that can stay with a survivor for many yrs. I just wish I could put it all behind me, or rather... I wish my MIND could. It's very painful to re-live abusive memories over and over again.

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Mar 17

@IAmHealing I am truly sorry for what you’re going through. You are absolutely correct in that PTSD and emotional abuse in general are VERY REAL THINGS!... The problem is that many people do not believe anything that does not have concrete proof, and that they can’t see. But unlike the bruises and scars of physical abuse (the intensity of which should not be diminished) the deep wounds and scars as a result of trauma and emotional abuse, do not go away in a matter of weeks, but often last a lifetime. I suggest, if you haven’t already, find a therapist who is specially trained in treating PTSD and traumatic issues. Trauma requires a different type of therapy than other emotional issues. The right therapy, along with support, self-care, time, and patience should help greatly in the healing process. It is very true that emotional chains can extend and last way beyond the abuser’s physical presence. People who’ve never experienced this type of abuse and its traumatic effects, cannot understand it. But that shouldn’t diminish its intensity and the reality of your suffering. But with help, support, and taking one step at a time, you should see great improvement........

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Mar 19

you summed it up very is one thing if we want to revisit something and go open a box ourselves to experience it in a self controlled manner...but when your past is thrown in your face by others on purpose to "help you get through it" it is actually the most damaging experience and setback that point you lose complete control over what gets presented, when, and's a bombardment of triggers that will overwhelm you and make it harder to cope not easier to adds trauma to the victimizes the victim...reliving it doesn't teach us anything, it just reopens the wounds so they fester and become worse...I'm sorry that you feel that you are reliving your trauma...hang in there and work toward coping as best as you can...

Mar 19

@Fred143 I totally agree, and the way you put it, “bombardment of triggers” is certainly true. People who have no understanding of the specialized therapy that trauma requires, can do much more harm than good. Flashbacks are not good memories you’re being forced to relive. They are traumatic memories, which to the person experiencing this, it is as if it’s happening right now, in the present. This keeps the system in the fight/flight mode, which is a high state of alert and extremely stressful. Trauma therapy, such as EMDR, is geared toward using the senses to re-wire the brain, and eventually shut off the emergency switch, which is the fight/flight alert response. But they don’t jump right into the therapy because it’s very important to first create a totally safe environment. A specially trained therapist is needed for the person to receive a safe and successful therapeutic experience........


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