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It makes me very sad to see how child abuse/ neglect can aff

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It makes me very sad to see how child abuse/ neglect can affect people. They grow up being viciously abused, no one really cares and they spend their life as an adult suffering with depression, anxiety and all kinds of chronic physical illnesses. They end up on disability because they're never well enough to work or maintain employment. They're literally robbed of the life they could've had and forced to live a life of misery all because of what someone else/others chose to do to them. It's very sad.

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Sep 11

Some are looked down on, seen as unimportant and cast aside because they can't function like a normal human being. And the world often sees ppl like that as worthless with nothing to contribute and treats them as such.

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Sep 19

Don't forget being misunderstood. I had PTSD since 15 and when I was in fourth grade in secondary school, I had a substitude teacher whose name is the same as my cousin's and my cousins bullies me cause maybe he's sick of our grandfather abuse towards him and his father and whatever my uncle has influenced him to bully me just like how my uncle bullied my father from childhood till adulthood. Then, I started to have intrusive memories of my cousins bullying me. I was sad and furious back then. So I lashed out at my substitude teacher," Why are you here? Why do you have to hurt me like this?". I really regretted what I've done back then even though my PTSD had greatly improved now. However, my classmates were really angry at me for that and thought that I was crazy. They didn't even try to understand me.


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