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My adopted mum said if i ever need to really talk she will a

My adopted mum said if i ever need to really talk she will always talk even if shes busy for at least 5min. I tried ringing her the other day at 12 her time presuming she would be finished church and at least having a cuppa or home. I rang her in the middle of a panic attack as
# the day before was my 30th birthday and i had no family even wish me happy birthday
# my 6 kids have been taken for 30 days due to my depression and i dont know if ill get them back
When i rang i could barely breath with tears streaming down my face she didn't answer i texted and said you could have answered your ph for 5min
Well i didn't hear from her till 3 oclock her time 5 oclock my time she texted and said ive just come home from church to see your message im having a rest now then going back to church. Then she blocked my calls 2 days later im still blocked.

Is this abuse (not the first time its happened its now a pattern) i feel she controls when we talk when she gets moody and pushes me away i feel angry i would never do that to my kids. I did message her and tell her i was having a full panic attack and needes to talk she still hasn't rung me.

She does stuff like this all the time its the constant valueing me then devaluing me and treating me like a nucance.

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Dec 6

@GirlKitty Omg! How sad and horrible. So sorry! What a deep freeze he is! Geez.

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Dec 6

I'm so sorry. It's sounds like you really need love and support. If you have no one else to talk with then don't forget that churches often have free support groups. Keep posting with us. We will be here for you. Sorry your mom was so insensitive to your needs. You sound pretty damaged right now and could use some rebuilding to get back on track. Have you been to your primary doctor? They can often be helpful in pointing you in the right direction for emotional support. Best of luck.

Dec 7

Yes i went to the doctors and the psychiatrist thank you for your support


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