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Hi. Me again. I’m losing my mind. My heart has been rapidl

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Hi. Me again. I’m losing my mind. My heart has been rapidly beating for hours now. I’m nonstop shaking. I’m losing myself. Today was a terrible day. My husband & I got into a huge fight. It all started with last night. Short story; we started this show on Netflix within 10 minutes the husband on the show received a video of his wife having sex with someone else. Instantly my husband said “I don’t want to watch this. This is a sign from god. It has to be. You’re cheating on me” it really upset me & hurt my feelings so I just went to bed. Today rolled around & he texted me when he was at work like nothing had happened. Just a simple “good morning babe I love you” once I woke up & texted him back he called me expressing that he has anxiety & doesn’t like that the tv show had the scenario of the wife cheating. At this point every second of the day I’m getting accused of cheating so I was upset & ended the phone call. Our fight dragged on all day. By the time it hit 5 pm it had escalated so horribly. I completely shut my emotions out & grey rocked him. He was calling me all sorts of names telling me he wants a divorce & for me to leave. So I got up to leave & like always he took the car keys & my phone & stopped me from leaving. I sat on the bed he went to the kitchen. After about 20 minutes I went to the kitchen to take some Tylenol as I’m drinking water he smacks the cup out of my hand & I spill water all over me. At this point I am pi**ed. He physically picks me up & throws me out of the house. Luckily I was able to retrieve my phone & purse & my 9 year son followed me. After banging & kicking the door for him to open it up so I can get the two other kids & my belongings I gave up & called my dad to pick me up. I was so upset & fed up & decided to call the cops on my husband for not allowing me to get my things. After gathering the full story the cops charged my husband for domestic violence disordly conduct. & I as well was charged with the same thing. This is my second charge within 4 weeks. Because of how crazy I am getting. Right now I am sleeping on the couch with my two younger kids at my sisters house. & my older son is sleeping on the floor in my nieces room. I have barely gathered enough things for my kids and I. & my husband has been nonstop calling & texting & accusing me of cheating. This is my night. Thanks for letting me vent. I hope you are all having a much better night.

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May 14, 2019

Im so sorry you are going through this. Im going through a similar situation. I feel so heart broken and anxious. I hope you are feeling better

May 15, 2019

@Whoami93 Yes, sweetie. Until you find that love for yourself, that love for your children and there's for you should motivate you to get them out of that situation. What you have described on several occasions is utter chaos. That chaos makes an indelible scar on those children. They wil likely enter same relationships or worse. Show your children that you will not allow someone to abuse you, or them, and they will in turn make such choices. And get the frick a frack out.

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May 15, 2019

I hope you and your kids are in a safe place tonight. Everything screams that he is projecting and he is the one cheating. Focus on the safety of you and your children. If you go back, it will get worse and worse. I am so sorry to hear it's happening again.


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