So tomorrow morning I have to be in court. Ending my marriag

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So tomorrow morning I have to be in court. Ending my marriage of 17 years. I have been doubting myself a lot lately, but this afternoon as i told my life story to a friend, I realised that I have actually been through a lot. Emotional and psychological abuse over a period of 16 years. I am thinking that I should write down my life story. Even if just to remind myself that I am a survivor, and how much I have grown.

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Oct 19

@brokenwings89 .....I have a 73 pound Box/Saint Bernard. He keeps me busy and I love him to pieces. I also started reading fiction books. I hadn't read them in years. My therapist said that co-dependent people tend to not read fiction because they don't know what they like! They are too busy focusing on what others need and want. On a sad note, I am with on what is a normal relationship? I have never been involved with one and did not see it with my parents. I am glad I now recognize that and am learning to deal with it.


@NewLife2017 I have always read self help books. I donated them the other day. I have 3 books that are not self help! Time to change the belief that there is always something wrong with me to fix.

Oct 20



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