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I’m very hurt. One guy i felt like I made connection with

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I’m very hurt. One guy i felt like I made connection with years ago only to realize now he just played me. I’m thinking in my head oh I’d never be the other woman, but now I realize possibly he made me other woman without realizing it. I had my suspicions for couple years so kept at distance. I finally decided to just plain ask him. He lied to me years ago I believe. The answer was well yeah, I’m with my daughters mom so I try to do what I can. What a ****... I can’t believe he was actually trying to meet up with me. I thought he’s smart person, he was caring, he helped me through mess and now it’s all lies. He’s just another ****. I try to give people benefit of doubt. I’m very sad n hurt. I can see all these toxic people now. I think in past it was all denial like making excuses pretending like things weren’t what they were. My attempts to like be open to people are being met with I feel hesitant. I’ve tried and been open to a lot of people but I think the deep problem is I identify with people who have dysfunctional childhood like mine. I feel close to hurtful and damaged people. I’m turn, I get hurt because these people don’t know what it is to be decent, caring lot of the time.

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Jun 11

I can relate. u want to help ppl b/c you needed help yourself and are empathic. I wanted to "save" the damaged one then got damaged in the process. U would think these ppl would be so thankful to have you but no they use you and step on you.


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