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Question to those who divorced... I’m still struggling wit

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Question to those who divorced... I’m still struggling with telling people I’m divorced only to the judgmental people in my life. Now these people judgmental really don’t mean anything to me and I don’t really care about them or what they think it’s only the thought of them gossiping and spreading the news I don’t want. What do you guys think about telling them? Do I just pretend I’m married forever? I’m also struggling with the thought of dating when time comes. Do I say I’m single or divorced?? Does that matter?

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Jun 18

@Foundlove Actually, I went to visit my mother, stepfather and sister on Sunday. My mother walked me out to the truck and slipped a book in my bag. It is about narcissism. I'm going to start on that. Counseling will be around the corner. Thank you!

Jun 18

Yeah, I went through having to deal with my parent's friend after they died. I cut them all loose, lol.

Jun 19

@susan4620 Believe me I know as it took me almost 2 years to realize that was the best route to take and you are right-it is hard. Your heart and head is wrapped up in it. For me (and I think we each are different) but I had to process and understand what the hell I went through. I had to research and study her behavior, patterns and get a better understanding of her psychological issue. So far that is the ONLY thing that has allowed me to move on. It is much harder in a relationship without clear issues.


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