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I have a question . I already know the answer to it but stil

I have a question . I already know the answer to it but still. Is it normal for dads to express their love to their daughters in a way that causes pain ? My dad forced himself upon me and despite everything he kept saying it was just to show me how much he loved me . I told my mom and she said that i should be grateful for everything he does for me and now it wont stop . I get it im 22 and he supports me and all but i dont know .

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Mar 27

@Maly98 I would have to say the wrong she is doing is the greater wrong. There is nothing right about this situation but you.Don't back up, don't let up and don't give up. I'll be here for you. Hugs my sister!!

Mar 27

Hang in there but try to get away...

Mar 31

It's difficult to imagine and am sorry. If you have a lock on your door, use it, if not, get someone you trust to put one on. It sounds like it would be best to move out, however you can. Please find a counselor so you can heal from this abuse, otherwise it will go with you in life. Pray for you.


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