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I never felt so unwanted and alone in my life. How can I lov

I never felt so unwanted and alone in my life. How can I love this man so much and speak very highly of but If you ask him I’m the worst person in the world and unlovable. I don’t understand how one day he act like I’m so important then another day he says the most awful and hateful things about me. People has always said I am loving, sweet and caring but he says I’m a ****** human being that no one would ever love. The more I show him I care the more hurtful things he say to me. I just want to crawl in my bed and never get out. I’ve been up a backwards for this man but nothing I do is ever good enough or appreciated. I’m always wrong he’s always right . I feel I need to give up on people. I am angry, hurt and depressed

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Dec 28

@Ejb I don’t know why my phone is doing those crazy symbols

Dec 28

Trust me this has nothing to do with you. Narcs will throw even their own mother under the bus. I've had it happen to me with my narc. He turned all my in-laws against me and I almost had a nervous breakdown about 20 years ago. To this day I still live with the scars and emotional issues.

Dec 28

your kids probably know more than you think. In my case when I finally got up the strength to leave him, my sons were relieved and knew it was coming. They are abused too. Hopefully they will support you if you decide to leave. If you decide to stay, please find a good therapist to help you through this. Your children are adults and you don't need to take care of the Narc. A friend of mine who is in a similar situation, leaves when he gets out of hand. Seriously she finds a cheap flight and goes to their condo in Florida. He pouts for a few weeks and then comes back. A therapist helped her to learn some techniques and self esteem. She says it is still hell but the therapist taught her alot. Good luck to you and don't beat yourself up for choosing him and staying. They are master manipulators. We didn't stand a chance....there weren't these great websites and openess when we got married. I can remember several of my girlfriends told me how jealous they were because of all the attention and gifts. Well we all know how that ended as soon as we married and it was a roller coaster the whole time.

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