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Hello everyone, hope everything is great. I just wanted to p

Hello everyone, hope everything is great. I just wanted to post a title story about me. Maybe a few people still left from 3 years ago might remember me,but to make it short, I was lonely and depressed and always very anxious, then I joined this site and it changed my life, just seeing so many people with issue similar to mine, I started learning and growing as a person, this SG group saved my life, now 3 years later, I can say I found the love of my life and on the fourth of this month I had my first baby. He's a beautiful boy. Just want to tell y'all that anything is possible. Just give it your all and take it a day at a time. It's not easy to fix your emotional issues, but as long as you understand them, and have support from people on SG or platforms alike you'll be fine. I'm really great full I got drunk one night and made my SG account.

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Jan 12

Well my wife had the baby, I just watched :)

Jan 12



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