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My stepmom is a mental abuser and always yelled at my brothe

My stepmom is a mental abuser and always yelled at my brother and I. My brother and I finally yelled back. Got kicked out. Might have to go where I only live at my moms and never see my dad again but I can’t do that. I love him to much. And apparently I’m not old enough to choose for my self so my brother is choosing.

Oct 10

That's rough. I'm so sorry. Having divorced parents and then step parents is never easy on anyone. I hope you'll get to see your brother a lot even if he moves.

Oct 10

I am so sorry to hear this is your situation. It is always hard when the adults who can take care of you and protect you choose another path. I hope you still have your brother close by so that you and he can support one another. Hugs.


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