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How do you get past the paranoia that everyone is out to get

yamalh's picture

How do you get past the paranoia that everyone is out to get you and everyone is talking poorly about you? I feel like every time someone looks at me they are thinking of how they can hurt me. And every time I see two people talking I feel like it's about me. How come I always feel like I did something wrong?

Aug 12

I've never felt this extreme. For me, it's just people talking negatively behind my back. I overcome it by thinking no matter what I do, there must be a mistake I made along my way, and it's ok. I just kinda opened up to my friends about this, and they're surprised because they don't talk like that. They even want to help me to overcome the paranoia. I think it's the perfectionism that caused you to think that way. It's okay to make mistakes...always remind yourself that.

Aug 12

Hope you find something that gives you relief.


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