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Been abused, mistreated most of my life. Never had a real fr

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Been abused, mistreated most of my life. Never had a real friend or loving relationship. I've tried to have both for years. As I get older I find I'd rather hide away from inviting ppl in my life bcuz I don't wanna go thru the negative experiences I've had with em all my life.

I'm pretty sure it's do to never having love, care or normal relationships, friendship or positive normal interactions with ppl from birth to adulthood.

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Sep 9

I can feel your pain. Healing really takes time. I've been in abusive relationships as well and even those whom I though were my friends are also gone. It's difficult when you've given trust to people in the past and you just end up being hurt, again and again. :( So now though I feel super lonely I'm trying to deal with it on my own instead of seeking comfort in someone else's arms who might end up also hurting me. I guess, we are the only ones who can truly help our selves recover. Seeking professional guidance or finding friendly support can be really helpful but true healing starts from within us.

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Sep 10

It will be ok. I've tried and made efforts for a long time to have gud friendships etc. I think maybe I'm at a point where it's ok to just focus on me and be alone.

Sep 11

I'm so sorry you have never felt love or compassion, I can't imagine how hard that is for you! It sucks how some kids are raised, and then they learn to expect only that. There are very loving people around you, it's just finding them. Also, learning to accept love and not be suspicious is a tough one to overcome and retrain your heart and mind in. Keep reaching out, only an open heart can love. Watch for warning signs tho, and be wise who you open up to. Ask God for wisdom, he will give it generously and with out reproof. <3


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