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Hi im new here and ım desperate for advice. Im discreetly p

Hi im new here and ım desperate for advice. Im discreetly planning my escape from my narc husband . I bought my ticket to go back to the country ı used to live in before my marriage of 6 years. How do ı go about breaking the news when ı arrive? Do ı call, message or go completely no contact? I have a 5 year old daughter and not sure if no contact is ideal...please help

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Jan 11

@April ı have been considering this however, ı have no other choice but take my initiative to leave and get away from any threats or dangers. I dont have a support system here. My motherinlaw is on his side even thoufh she appears to support me the most. Last time she emotionally blackmailed me when ı told her that ı wanted to divorce her son. To think about it, Im not really kidnapping, I will never keep my child from seeing her father but right now o need time to get away and get my head back together with the support of my loved ones. Then take the required steps afrerwards.

Jan 11

@thalassa He has been abusive. He has physically emotionaşly and fınancially abused me. I have been patient enough hoping that he will change but ı cant take it no more.

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Jan 12

Wow, seriously, you are so strong and courageous for taking this necessary step! So in that case, I would hold off on telling him that you and your daughter have left until you have the protection of the police on your side. I've never had to do anything like that so I'm not sure exactly what steps to take, but maybe you can talk to the police about putting a restraining order on your husband for both you and your daughter. When you do decide to tell your husband, then if he threatens you or is mean, let him know about the restraining order. You can do this! You and your daughter WILL have peace and joy in your lives!


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