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I woke up to choas today. My boyfriend was saying i reuined

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I woke up to choas today. My boyfriend was saying i reuined him and his families lives which i did. I just want to run away but ive got no where to go he hasnt even called me. He called my psychotic and he called me all these names. Stole my money today. His mom came over mad that i bought christmas presemts but my boyfriend cant pay her for his truck. He went and paid her said he used my 20 to help pay it but i gave him the money to buy ciggs. He said he was going to pay her and didnt ask for money. He got home and got mad when he asked where it went then he pushed me out the door. My brother stuck up for me. I heard everything he said. It was bad. I drove my brother home he was drunk and high. I think my bf got weed with my money and my aunt is on my bf side saying do u want me out of your life? All i did was wake up! I told her i dont care if she doesnt want to be in my life shes never really been there for me anyway. No one cares where i am or if i live or die.

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Nov 20, 2017

@A_G thank u ur right hugs.

Nov 21, 2017

@[email protected] I'm happy to hear it. You deserve to have better days. <3

Nov 21, 2017

Your are not alone,
I am hear in search for support myself
I know how you feel
I really do
You are important, and you do matter,


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