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Hello everyone. I hope everyone is doing ok. I'm new here. I

Hello everyone. I hope everyone is doing ok. I'm new here. I've had cptsd for about 30 years but was called chronic severe PTSD. A bit about myself. I'm a 38 year old disabled male. I'm a 14 year survivor of abuse and torture (meaning I went through it for 14 years). I recently had what my shrink calls an mental breakdown. Facing charges stemming from that episode. Hearing things a lot and having severe anxiety 24/7. Along with some physical issues. I hope y'all are doing better then I am. Be well. UnseenScars

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Mar 14

@SweetMae well I’m not trying to hinder myself and like woe is me... I actually like took long time to realize I was abused because you know started when I was like 3 or 4 so for me it was just life... like took me until adulthood to realize what was actually going on... then I couldn’t talk about it to anybody or even bring it up because the pain was so much.. I guess that’s when depression hit and then after relationship after relationship that went bad I realize there’s problem and it has to stop. I have to heal and I tried my best on my own because I do struggle with trusting others. I know pain. I know what it is to have so much pain you want it to stop... that much I know, whether I have this diagnosis or not doesn’t matter. I know suffering and I know I have to heal that’s all.

Mar 14

I hear ya people say they will support yiu but when yiu need it no ones there

Mar 14

I too am a survivor of abuse. As a child and then from my ex. Have been diagnosed with PTSD, acute chronic depression, anxiety disorder, and others. People who don't have PTSD don't understand the distrust of people, the constant sense of danger, anxiety for no reason they can think of. It's a part of us. Our brains have actually changed do to the fear. I also have dissociative disorder. When my brain hits a certain level of stress it just kind of shuts down. I can function but it's like I'm watching myself from outside. It's a protective mechanism that I can't control and many times welcome.


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