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Got back into doing some art again, I've not been able to dr

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Got back into doing some art again, I've not been able to draw or paint for months since I've been on the anti depressanthis but now I'm off them It's starting to come back which is nice was the only thing that helped me relax and escape.

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Mar 12

i had my mother teach me how to crochet. i practiced with some cheap acrylic making patches now i'm ready for some more expensive skeins of wool perhaps or cotton. i used to draw when i was a teen and i kept journals too but someone threw all that sh!t in the garbage to get back at me for something. i wish people could just fight me versus ruining my stuff. arts & crafts are suggested by the psychology fields as a stress reliever and it preoccupies the mind so you're not thinking about anything else.

Sep2019's picture
Mar 12

Those are amazing ! You did an awesome job. I can't even think if the right words but it's awesome.

norseduncan's picture
Mar 12

WOW! those are f**king awesome! I wish I could draw like that.


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