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Feeling really down today been drinking on my own and negati

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Feeling really down today been drinking on my own and negative thoughts from my past won't stop bothering me I feel like a complete f***d up piece of sh**t no one likes me and il be alone forever

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Mar 14

Hello to you Zach94,
PTSD is a terrible mental lockdown. Someone close to me has a PTSD Phobic disorder and it has stopped them from living the life they were meant to live. Sad.
Do you have anyone in your life you can trust, to talk to?
It's OK to talk about our problems.
Who we are is OK.
Our feelings and thoughts are OK
Our opinions count.
Have you heard of the book: Emotional Intelligence by Daniel Goldman? Great insight for us on abuse, PTSD and many other issues. A great read. Hang in there, you are a wonderful human being.

Mar 14

@Zach94 You are more than decent Zach.....I can see that for sure.

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Mar 14

Have you considered therapy?


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