In one of the books that I've read recently was written that

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In one of the books that I've read recently was written that the right moment to express a thought is when it occurs. So yeah, this is a bit random but I was thinking about how covert abuse often goes unrecognized by a victim. When you're yelled at or hit, it's undeniable. But when you're treated like an a$$hole, for example it's kind of not always easy to figure what exactly is wrong especially if that's the predominant experience, the insidious thing is that it defines how you feel about yourself without you even knowing or suspecting that it's the case. But the good news is that there is a chance to regain your self if you discover that you've been living among distorting mirrors.

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Sep 12

I agree with you on this. My mother was abusive to me and I got to a point that I just took it since I felt at the time I couldn't do anything about it. But yes we can regain ourselves again and be happy again.


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