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I feel really lost I can’t conentrate on anything and thin

I feel really lost I can’t conentrate on anything and think about dying all day everyday my head feels funny like I’m almost delusional I tied a rope from top of the banisters and just trying to get the f*cking courage to do it i tried to email my therapist but they are away and I don’t think I can wait to see her next week I’m in a mess people can say nasty things to me and tell me to get a grip all they want but I’m not weak I know I’m not to live with this sh*t all my life is not easy and it’s been getting worse I have no family or friends to talk to so I come on here but I’ve had people have a dog at me so many times on here for no reason

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aas93's picture
Jun 10

@newcomer94 try soulmedic central. i've visited them two times this week when i feel like harming myself. they listen and give you really good advice. they have stopped me from harming myself and really put my mind at ease, like they actuallly care about you. i hope you find strength

Yellowtulip's picture
Jun 10

@Zach94. It sounds like you may be in psychosis caused by extreme depression. I've been there. Please, please, please go to the closest ER and tell them where you're at. You need to be admitted so that the doctors can stabilize you. I promise you they can help. I have major depression and have been in that very, very dark place. You need help to get out of your present state.

Blueberries1234's picture
Jun 12

I feel like this is a 911 emergency. I know it can be really hard, but I think a small part of you wants to live otherwise you wouldn't have HOPE to post here. Ive been there where I felt like I would go through it for my whole life, but it actually DID get better. I went through depression and being extremely suicidal most of my life. Anyways back to you, it's much more helpful to figure out what reasons you have for living. Your life matters, it counts. Your art is beautiful. Not everyone can paint like that and your art has the power to touch people's hearts. It's real. Your voice is important. It is inspiring. And you seem like such a gentle soul, I honestly see your scars as beautiful. There are always people in the world who say cruel things, but that's a reflection of their character not you. A diamond doesn't lose its worth simply because someone doesn't realize it's a diamond. I once had a psychologist tell me "you're only human". You have to stop labeling yourself and striving for some unrealistic standard to find your worth. Every human life has worth. You have something beautiful inside you, ad the pain hurts but let's address that pain. Don't throw your life away because of a temporary pain. All pain is temporary. Always. Unless you have some terminal illness. It's very rare that depression and anxiety isnt able to be overcome or managed. Trust me.

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