Can’t sleep can’t eat keep smoking down bad n depressed

Can’t sleep can’t eat keep smoking down bad n depressed someone tell me how to get out of this slump I’m killing myself slowly

piikoi07's picture
Jan 21

There is no one all answer. Anxiety keeping you up? Its a terrible feeling to have. Keep posting here as maybe our words can help you?

Jan 21

@piikoi07 that and the feeling of being taken advantage of

Seltzer's picture
Jan 21

Many times when we get into this kind of cycle it keeps on going and we feel trapped as things get worse. The solution is to break the cycle, which oftentimes is easier said than done and many times is achieved with help from others. So, I would find help from friends or relatives. Stop smoking and any substance or alcohol use if you are doing it. Replace bad habits with good habits. Go out for a walk everyday to get the good hormones pumping, breathe in that fresh air and enjoy the warmth of the sun.


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