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i was adopted and struggle with attachment disorder I need s

i was adopted and struggle with attachment disorder I need some help getting through it and talking

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Oct 28, 2017

Hi Palvineo, I do not know what this feels like, but wanted to respond to your post in support. I'm hoping you can find the help you seek here.

Nov 16, 2017

@ClaireDraven that can be tough pm me

Feb 18, 2018

@ Palvineo, I believe one is born into bio family but over one's lifetime we begin to meet spiritual family in addition.. this is part of the transforming in human flesh to spirit self. I know this is not an only answer for you .. I think too during loss & stress, change one continually tries to process their past again, in a sense of connecting past/present/future. Although I feel my family in ways was solid, there were problems I had to seek counseling for .. now experiencing many family deaths recently the old wounds are surface.. So I think whether bio or adopted it's about also finding one's spiritual connections. Again, I'm not trying to act as if I can relate directly to the adoption part.. but most assuredly I am glad I am meeting spiritual forever family in addition to bio family!
I also feel in my experiences God revealed the dimensional forces to me.. 3D then also much higher dimensions I equate to heaven, also some pretty low dimensional forces with some abusive connections.. but what it showed me too is that one is working to be in that higher dimension ultimately or this what I feel I was shown. I like to read about personalities of the 12 tribe members & picture going through a gate (Joseph is the tribe I most identify with).. & feeling at home.. also others I believe I will be close to maybe not all from that tribe.. but I think 3D is so much lower of a dimension than heaven that there is much that makes little sense especially experienced during abuse.
Hope it's OK if I replied to your thread. :)

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