sugar addiction

sugar addiction

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May 24


Like everyone else, I prefer to eat sweets and pasta.....period! But know I don't want to suffer from malnutrition either, so I do have some treats, like yogurt and fruit and sometimes a little desert so I'm not feeling totally deprived. I am 54 days free from overeating/binging and go to my ED support group once a week. The weather is getting warmer and I will be going walking for now and hopefully getting a bicycle and joining a gym. Don't know how long this will take but I'm going to do walking first.....easier and cost nothing.Everyone can identify with sugar because a lot of people are addicted to it and many forms. Please stay connected and if sugar isn't a main concern try ED group, we all have the same outlook and it's our emotions on how we deal or not deal with stressfull situations...... that's the problem.........hugs to all, Joan

Jan 26

hi everyone I am a sugar addict and need help I lost 80 pounds 2 years ago and gain back every single pound due to my sugar addiction. I feel hopeless because no matter how i start my day off on a healthy path its ends with a sugar binge. My cravings for sugar are stronger at nights.

I know i cant give up on this fight

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Jan 26

I don't mean to keep promoting this book but it SERIOUSLY helped me with my sugar addiction. "Overcoming Sugar Addiction" by Karly Randolph Pitman. Seriously, check it out... it's amazing. Been off sugar since 12/20/13 and I feel amazing. Chocolate was my best friend, my mother, and my enemy! I seriously used to dream about chocolate, ice cream, and cake. I ate it until I was SICK and then i'd either throw up or take a ton of laxatives... the cycle continued for years. I kept lying to myself and saying 'I deserve to eat chocolate sometimes' I finally got honest with myself. I CAN'T EAT SUGAR, my body doesn't react normally to it. Once I start, I can't stop like normal people. It was a hard truth to face but it's easier having none than trying to control the amount of sugar I eat. Ya know? Anyway, that's my story haha. I'm here if anyone wants to message me, I'd love to help!!


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