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Adult survivors of sexual abuse


Now, nearly 14 months ago I wrote an article for local Chattanooga, Tn. paper. In this article I described my own personal sexual abuse starting at about age 7 or so. My "coming out" to a large audience did provide some risks but I discounted the riske to tell my story. Dozens and dozens of people came forward with their stories of sexual abuse. Since that article a support group of nearly 13 months has been meeting at a local church here. This group, men and women have the opportunity to share with; laugh with and cry with others . The stories are similar; that damage is mitigated and the support a life saver. Details for starting a group in your locale can be found by contacting me at behavr38@comcas.net

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Mar 10

Hi Sherri, My mother is dead but my abuse did not die with her death. What I suggest to you is think not that your experience with abuse is over.. it isn't and instead it behooves you to find a suppport group in your community so that you and others can both share and support good emotional healing. I will be glad to help you with how to start a support group in your community.

Mar 10

My father is dead and I did go to a support group if you can even call it that. I learned to deal with what my father did to me through someone else and got through it that way. Our community is not the type that truly cares about you. The offenders are getting a slap on the wrist here. I do not have any fear of going out nor being with a guy in fact on June 22 I will be getting married. I do see a Therapist but that is for a medical reason and for stress. He does know about my father. There are too many Chins Cases going on here due to Sexual Abuse. You would think that our Community would have a better Support Group but we don't. I get asked a lot why I wear a Crusade Necklace? It is for the Abuse I went through and survived. I am an Avon Representative and will help anyone who is going through any type of abuse. For the past four years my life has improved a great deal since I have met and fell in love with the guy I am about to marry. I will not let nothing get in between my happiness not now or ever.

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Mar 10

Sherri, Wonderful and sounds like you are a one woman support group fighting a battle I know well. Tell me more about the Crusade necklace. One can be quite persistent in rehabbing one's self and keeping the abuse away from children that come into your new marriage. Be vigilant and be honest with yourself. Your harm does not have to keep you from happiness. Regards and best wishes.. Please, though, more info. about the necklace... thanks ... bob


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