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My wife has PTSD from childhood abuse, violence,


My wife has PTSD from childhood abuse, violence, molestation, and also in the military in afghanistan saw some bloody scenes, and was raped over there. They also diagnosed her with borderline personality disorder, but it all seems linked to PTSD. They keep trying different meds. And even if the meds were correct, I am not sure the outbursts of rage would stop. She turns her rage about any situation towards me, and starts making it about everything in life that is wrong is my fault. We talk about it sometimes, but usually we fight. Our son was born with cystic fibrosis a year ago on top of everything. I am barely holding it together. I really try to not take it personally, but when the anger is directed at me, and she keeps listing all this personal stuff about me, defending her crazy logic tooth and nail until the fight is over. We distance ourselves from each other a lot. We have a home business, so we are together way too many hours out of the day. Every few months she threatens to divorce me, or tells me i should leave her and find someone better. I am sure some of it is also post partum depression. And she is a disabled vet, with a bad back. I do all the shopping, all the appointments, cooking, dishes, laundry, and deal with her outbursts - on top of taking care of a sick 1 yr old, with lots of meds and treatments. if we get our ss disability approved, and get the va disability up to 100 percent then we can probably remove some of the stress from the business, but she refuses to take suggestions. she does see a therapist, but wont do groups. i try to stretch, or do breathing excersizes to manage stress, and she flat refuses to try it with me. i am starting group therapy. my therapist suggested i find an online support group. i am a 30 yr old man who cries almost everyday from stress. and i am a recovering alcoholic, trying to stay sober. trying also to figure out my stomach problems, on top of stress, i am trying a gluten free diet to see if that is a possibility. i have this constant pressure and ringing in my ears lately, like glue in my head. stress is a weird beast, i had no idea (being a spoiled kid growing up).

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Jul 22

I did read about olive leaf online, and i wasnt sure if it would work. thanks for the tip. right now the doc has me taking omeprezole 40mg for the stomach acid. i do like the all natural approach :D got anything better than clariton d for allergies?

thanks for the response!

Jul 22

thanks for responding. ya we are in the same boat, no family to help. her brother moved here and robbed us and flooded the house, then my sister moved here and went directly into drug rehab. lol. we don;t talk to either one. we are trying to convince my mom to move here. she is stable and healthy and financially secure. so i hope that happens, she said after a couple more years. i will check out the meditation links. i read a book by eckhart tolle "a new earth" years ago, and should revisit that also. i wish i knew a good way for us to create time apart. she dreads being left alone. but i did manage a couple hours away with brandon on the bycicle (weeride kangaroo, best bicycle seat). but once he is finally asleep its hard to get time alone, really alone. thanks again

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Jul 22

allergies lol that one no. mind you I do know a technique that can cure them. my daughter did two of the treatments but due to her dermograhism she could not handle the tapping for it is very painful for her. she can be around dust and msg they use in restaurants. it is a Chinese technique. and sometimes one two three treatments is needed. my doctor retired and I simply could not afford the other ones doing the similar style.

my daughter used to be covered daily in hives from house dust. I had to vacuum my entire house daily and wash floors and she still broke out. trust me I am lucky if I wash my floors weekly now and she never breaks out . I am trying to get her to do more for she has many allergies but she has learnt to control them drug free so she avoids treatments . my daughter reacts to coffee fumes and wood by products. she can't even smell coffee without a reaction starting. and sitting at a table for an hour causes her great pain physically. I would be getting the treatments I tell you.

her pain level is high from her daily reactions and when they go over a ten she suffers so much. there is no pill to ease her pain either. she can use benydril when her throat is closing in but that is all she finds works for hers. nothing ahead of time works for her. we have tried them all.

what is your allergy if you do not mind me asking? I had a doctor whom put me on unlimited penicillin prescriptions for he got tired of seeing me with tonsillitis . I was sick steady because I learnt I was allergic to grain dust. every time I rolled grain my throat swelled up in angry red and breathing became hard for me. I had to stop rolling grain and when I hauled straw I had to throw the bales in the hay loft from the truck not stack them in the hay loft. it has gotten to the point I feel my throat tightening when I drive by the grain fields in the fall witht he combines stirring up the dust.

a lot of the meds for acid I had side effects from or the price was out of my league. a dollar per pill was not my price availability.

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