Compression for the morbidly obese

Hello! Does anyone have any suggestions related to some type of compression devise that will work on my lower extremities that I can apply myself. I am morbidly obese, have a very hard time with ambulation and my mom has been using coban to wrap my legs. Due to the irregularity in size of different parts of my legs it is very difficult to withstand the wrap for a long period of time. Please....all suggestions welcome!


hi,how about some tights from romans thay go up to 6x i think,or support hose,leggings with spandex in them would be more comfortable,lots of luck its hard finding things sometimes.hugs

Dec 4

Solaris Ready Wraps are alternative compression stockings. They are like long ace bandages that close with velcro. Very esay to put on and take off. They are made with a special material and the order in which they wrap around your legs offere the same gradient compression we need. You may need special order not off the shelf. They are expensive. My insurance fought me but I fought back and they eventuallly paid 80%. Hope this helps.


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