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HIV Positive

Datura's picture

Just found out this morning I am HIV positive. I found out I was Hep C positive Sept. 6th.I was going to the Dr. for my foot and the blood work that was done has tested me positive.
Any info would be much appreciated . Thank you

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surferman's picture
Oct 12


zinc & selenium -- unless its in the multi vitamins. Im not cured btw, I just have normal functioning liver for the first time in ---since they been testing me -- 10 years!! I dont buy their expensive things but watch their show if you can find it, "your health" on the family channel here. its very informative. the web site also has great books. I buy from local health food stores. There are tons of natural cures ... just research online, be careful though, use your head. Listen to your body. Im no Dr btw. Just someone who Drs couldnt help, so I helped myself. research, research, research...!!

surferman's picture
Oct 12

unless you meant HIV?? I still take pharmaceuticles .. for HIV .. but I dint start them until 13 years after I found out. If your immune system is strong, you dont HAVE to start meds. They want you to for profits sake, & to protect society. WHen the virus is non-detectable, it's safer for everyone! Side effects suck! I retired ealry from the symptoms/side effects, but we're all different. Im WAY different, lol


Oct 12

Ok thanks! I find out wed my numbers if I have to take meds


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