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Someone likes me.

And I like him too. It hasn't gotten past talking, as a matter of fact he lives about an hour away. I keep the fact that I have H to myself. Nobody knows except the most trusted in my life, my parents. So what do we do when we like someone that doesnt have H? I have been limiting myself to positivesingles.com. I havent met anyone yet and I'm not a big fan of internet dating. By the grace of God, I think this guy might not run away screaming. Have any of you done this? What kind of reaction did you get? But what are his risks.? How could we possibly be intimate? Please, I need some good advice!

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a_survivor's picture
Sep 17

as you see here, there are two differences of opinion. i chose to go slow and wait a bit. by divulging too early implies that I am assuming the relationship will in fact be "Sexual" which may be too forward.

that being said, timing is a relative statement... you will know when the time is right. as you two talk about subjects that become intimate, then and only then will you know the time has arrived. that time may be in one day, or one week, or one month... everyone moves at their own pace.

again, timing is a relative word...

Sep 18

I think that if u even have the tiny thought that u might wanna b more then just friends with this person the u need to b honest and up front. I think if in the long run u wait and tell him then the relationship will not b starting off on a good foot if u r already hiding something so HUGE fm him. Good luck to u! I wish u nothing but the best!

a_survivor's picture
Sep 18

there is a very fragile and fine line when & where to tell... keep us posted!


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