Ignorance is NOT bliss

I've been trying to explain to my friend since last night, that it's possible to have genital herpes WITHOUT having symptoms or an OUTBREAK. I am wrong???

She doesn't seem to comprehend that and says she was tested for it prior cuz she thought she'd been exposed but didn't get tested for it this time around and says "I should be ok since I don't have any outbreaks". I'm just fustrated!

May 2

Tell your girlfriend to go online and check the info for herself because you can have it without any obvious symptoms..........You are not wrong....

May 3

Sometimes it takes awhile after the initial contact with the virus for it to make itself known. I believe its better to know than not to especially if she is going to carry on sexual relationships. Whether or not there is an outbreak she can spread it without even knowing, increasing the number of people who have to suffer with this virus.


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