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Powerless over others

bluidkiti's picture

Since coming into recovery, I have learned I am powerless over others. Many years ago I said the one thing I had control over was my children. Needless to say, many times since I have been proven wrong on that one. What is your experience with being powerless over others?

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Lucky1's picture
Sep 8

That's a great lesson to learn. I often have difficulty in remembering that no one has control over anything really because the only thing we can truly control is the attitude we take towards things that happen or how people around us act. I'm a parent of very young kids 3 & 5 and already I can see that there is so much I can do to try to make them into the people I want them to grow up to be and they will inevitably end up doing what they choose to do. And that's how it should be. I grew up in a strict family setting where I wasn't allowed to even have friends over at the house. Despite it I always ended up doing what I wanted to, which was both good and bad for me. It's very hard to be a parent because I think society puts so much pressure and expectations on parents and how they should raise their kids. In the long run, all a parent needs to is to love their children, to try their best to show them the right things to do, and like bluidkiti said to let go an let God.

bluidkiti's picture
Sep 8

Hey Lucky, We help guide them the best we can then it is up to them. I pray and put them in God's hands. I tell them I love them and am here if they need me. I do also tell them I am proud of them. I have to say my 3 daughters are pretty good girls but they do have their moments as do I. :-)

domestic's picture
Sep 8

lol kids they turn you old before your time, but hey what would life be without them.

lots of praise and guidelines are always good with a time daily to discuss what u liked about the things they did and what u dont and give them the space to tell u the same things (but dont take it to heart cos they are only little )

as always loving thoughts and positive vibes

D :)


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