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The COFFEE TABLE is a place where we gather to listen to each others' stories, offer help and advice, encouragement and friendship where ever possible. No one is judged, criticized or discriminated against, so feel free to chat, vent, kick, scream, cry, laugh or kid around. We're like family and you're welcome to join us.
Please note that you are under no obligation to accept our invitation.

1. Scroll down to the gray ribbon at the foot of the page
2. Click on "Last" (Pages are numbered 1 (past time) to "Last" (present time).
3. HELLO, you've found us! Now scroll down till you reach the big "Comment" box and type your letter. :->>
4. Click the organge "Post" button below to send your mail to us.
5. To return to the main COPD page, click on the blue COPD under "My groups" at the top right corner of the page.

The coffee is always hot, so bring along some choc-chip cookies (or Chardonnay if you prefer) and let's paartaaay! See y'all there.

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Oct 7

Oh, gosh! I hope not a lot of people are leaving! I just found this site and have been so happy with all of the feedback! Try and a hang in there a while longer everyone! Thanks for staying Mechele and London Fog.

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Oct 7

Guys we can't give up now, things are a bit new and scary at the moment, but I think of it this way, if they are pouring money and time into a new site redesign, than obviously they are going to fix all the bugs and issues that come along with it! I personally think it looks so much more modern and given some time, I think this site is going to rock even more than it has in the past!


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Oct 7

good morning everybody how come we cant see more than 3 comments am i doing something wrong please let me know be back later mechele how do we send a private messege higs sharane


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