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Parents of Children with ADHD and or ODD


Looking for support among those who have children with ADHD and or ODD . Having a child with either is very stressful and you feel alone b/c no one understands what daily life is like if their child does not have these issues.

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Nov 6

@sduf Do you know how I can find out how a person is affected once they get to their 30's please? All the info I come across relates to kids . . .

Nov 6

My husband has ADHD. I have been asking him for years to get it checked out because it makes his life more difficult and mine. Thank God he recently agreed to get some meds and enter into prayer for fervently about it!

Nov 6

I have Adhd ocd nld odd and dyslexia. It gets better. I'm now 20 and married. The outburst phase only goes till around 9/10 grade in my case.


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