disrespectful grandchildren hurting my feelings

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I've hidden in my room this afternoon because of rude kids. Haven't been out 30 minutes and they've started again. They're 11 and 7 yrs old. My daughter calls their names but nothing more so they get away with it! When I spoke up about it, my daughter started on me! I guess I'm just supposed to take it? I'm fed up and angry and hurt and tired of it! They can be so sweet and then sooo very ugly! Telling me 'no'. 'So what' and other such things when I correct them. I would do anything for these kids but there are times I don't want to be around them! I hope that doesn't sound bad........

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Feb 24

Kathy I too am so sorry that this is happening. It doesn't sound badly of you at all!! Hopefully your daughter will see what's happening and change her reactions so that it is a more managable/affective solution. I don't blame you for going to your room, but am sad you would have to do that!!!

You do have a full house and a full plate so be sure to take time for yourself whenever you can!!!

Love you lots and lots, Suzee

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Feb 24

thank you my sweet friends! I do go to my room a lot to escape the stress it causes me. I try to keep the peace because they treat my mama the same way! I get on to them when they are so ugly and then they jst act like little smart a....to me. I love them and this hurts me and mama so much! She escapes to her room too.....I've told them and their mother that it breaks my heart. I've talked to Mandie but will try again.......I'm glad you don't think i'm terrible!

Feb 24

We love you Kathy!!!! (((((((((((((((((((((Kathy))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

BIg hugs and lots of prayers, Suzee :0)


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